Labwares with Screw Cap Conial Bottom10ml Centrifuge Tube


Labwares with Screw Cap Conial Bottom10ml Centrifuge Tube

Labwares with Screw Cap Conial Bottom10ml Centrifuge Tube

Features •Tubes: made of strong,highly transparent medical grade polypropylene •Flat-top caps: made of medical grade pol

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Basic Info.
Origin China
HS Code 9730909090
Production Capacity 1000cases Per Year
Product Description

•Tubes: made of strong,highly transparent medical grade polypropylene
•Flat-top caps: made of medical grade polyethylene
•Plug-seal screw on caps: made of medical grade polypropylene
•15ml and 50ml conical tubes available
•Large white writing area for easy marking
•Double threaded design reduces cross-threading; caps are easily opened and closed
•Flat-top caps can be written on
•Gamma radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic, RNase&DNase free
•Available in racked package (sterile) or bulk package(sterile & non-sterile)
•Working temperature: stable from -20ºC to 121ºC(except flat-top cap)
•15ml and 50ml tubes can withstand centrifugation of 8,400 and 9,400 RCF respectively
•Sealing test: complies with the international Air Transport Association (IATA)Safety Standards
Ordering Information:
A1115015mlFlat CapConicalYesRack50/rack,10racks/case
A1015015mlFlat CapConicalYesBag25/bag, 20bags/case
A1150050mlFlat CapConicalYesRack25/rack, 20racks/case
A1050050mlFlat CapConicalYesBag25/bag, 20bags/case
A1250050mlFlat CapSelf-standingYesBag25/bag, 20bags/case

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Labwares with Screw Cap Conial Bottom10ml Centrifuge Tube


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